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Mudslide missing reduced to 30: Many found alive, death toll rises

Dogs working at the Oso mudslide site are given a break to rest and recover.
Dogs working at the Oso mudslide site are given a break to rest and recover.
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

The number of mudslide missing reduced to 30 this weekend. Many more victims believed to be dead were actually found alive. The missing count was at 90 before this latest adjustment. However, the number of dead has increased as well. On March 31, The Christian Broadcasting Network reported on the latest on the Oso mudslide.

Even with 60 names taken off the list of missing, three more were added to the list of the dead. Rescuers continued to find bodies on Sunday. Dogs and rescue crew have been searching for survivors from the mudslide since it happened on March 22. Those in Washington were asked to take a moment of silence at that exact minute on March 29 that the mudslide happened the week before.

Dogs helping in the rescue efforts have now been given a bit of a break though. On Sunday, some dogs started a two day break. Other dogs that arrived on scene later than these first dogs involved in the search efforts will continue to work and help rescuers. Those on scene might get a bit of a reprieve as weather conditions are forecast to improve to start off the week. Dry conditions are forecast through Wednesday.

Another four bodies were found on Sunday as well, but those discoveries have not officially been added to the death toll yet. That could happen today. This is still a developing story as rescue efforts continue on in the area.