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Mudflap: Kitten survives being dragged under a car and finds a forever home

Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue

This is the story of a sweet little kitten who survived a very exciting day in Greenville, South Carolina.

Mudflap is a Maine Coon mix, believed to be between eight and ten weeks old. Little Mudflap got his name after surviving a trip down a busy road underneath a vehicle.

The person driving the car didn't realize the little guy was being dragged until the driver of another car flagged down Mudflap's ride.

Mudflap was taken to Greenville County Animal Care Services. The shelter is known as high-kill, but they're also known for getting help quickly for little accident-prone guys like Mudflap.

Thankfully he only had some damage to his paws from road burn. Other than swollen feet, being dragged under a vehicle and being in the shelter, Mudflap was about to have a good day.

You see, Mudflap couldn't have ended up at the shelter on a better day than Friday. Greenville County Animal Care Services and Fox Carolina News are running the 100 Cat Challenge Friday and Saturday, in which the shelter hopes to find homes for 100 cats.

Mudflap definitely arrived at the shelter at the right time. One of the shelter posts says he was adopted today. Tonight, Mudflap is most likely in a cool, comfy home, where he's being waited on hand and foot by his new human servants.

Not bad for one day in the life of a formerly homeless kitten.

The 100 Cat Challenge continues Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Adoption fee is a case of canned cat food or $15. This includes spay/neuter, vaccines and microchipping.

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