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Mud meets tough at Battlegrounds

The Battlegrounds Mud Run takes place again October 4th, 2014
The Battlegrounds Mud Run takes place again October 4th, 2014
Teresa Hofmann

The spring Battlegrounds Mud Run was such a success; if you missed it you get a second chance to attend this phenomenal event. That’s right in October this event will take place again and with early sign up you can save big bucks on big fun.

The Battlegrounds Mud Run
Teresa Hofmann

The course has two options:
Battlegrounds Full Challenge: 5 mile
This challenge is the original 5 mile Mud Run, packed with 30+ obstacles to test your mental and physical endurance. Test your boundaries, your strength and how much mud you can handle in one day!
Cadet Course: 5k (3.2 mile)
If you’d rather get your feet muddy before trying the full Battlegrounds Challenge, then this is the race for you. Still tough, a little less intense, but tons of fun.

The event is super organized and even includes showers and Male and Female Barracks to keep your change of clothes free from mud. Sure you can do a run, but adding obstacles and this much fun will have you smiling from ear to ear and rightfully so you have bragging rights! Check out the early admission prices, you won’t want to miss the 2014 October run.

Admission prices for Saturday October 4th, 2014:
$60 Before May 31st, 2014
$70 Before June 30th, 2014
$80 Before July 31st, 2014
$90 Before August 31st, 2014
$100 Before September 30th, 2014
$140 Last minute registration

Hurry you can sign up on line, you will get a tee shirt, timing, metal, online results and then even finish with a well-earned beer!

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