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MTV's 'Scream' television series narrows lead cast to three choices

Will the cast of the "Scream" TV series survive?
Will the cast of the "Scream" TV series survive?
New Line

While it's been a few years since "Scream 4" hit theaters and it isn't known if there will ever be another film in the horror series; the franchise isn't dead. Bloody-Disgusting reported on July 30, 2014, that MTV's "Scream" television series has narrowed down the lead of the series to three names, and it may not be an overly long deal.

The top choices to lead the "Scream" TV series are model Amadeus Serafini, John Karna, and Carlson Young ("True Blood"). Now, this would be a great thing for any young actor, but word is that the gig won't be the longest deal in the world.

Up and Comers reported:

"One of these characters — who may be played by Karna, Young and Sarafini — will not survive to see the end of the first season.”

Jill Blotevogel ("Ravenwood") wrote the script for the pilot and said that it focuses on a YouTube video that ends up going viral and horribly wrong. It ends up going badly for teenager Audrey Jensen and will serve as "the catalyst for a murder and opens up a window to the town's troubled past."

Jensen has yet to be cast for "Scream,"

Young is being looked at for the role of Brooke Maddox, a 16-year-old student described as “the high gloss queen bee who thinks she’s nice and the world’s just reading her wrong, capable of being bubbly and seemingly-genuine and also capable of being ferociously sexy.”

The roles for Karna and Sarafini are not yet known, but there are a few male characters that either could fit into.

Writer Kevin Williams, is has been a huge part of the "Scream" movie franchise, will not be a part of the TV series at all. He recently said that Wes Craven and his team are "done with him" even though he has ideas for fifth and sixth "Scream" films if they want them.

MTV has had tremendous success with the "Teen Wolf" television series and they are hoping to do the same with "Scream." Should it do well, the movie-franchise could see new life breathed into it yet again.

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