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MTV is going back to it's


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Could it be? Music Television actually playing music! It looks like pigs are flying and hell just froze over because MTV has finally geared some of their programing toward their namesake.

If you happen to be channel surfing during the AM hours you may come across MTV's latest endeavor AMTV , a six hour block of music videos. Not only is MTV playing music videos they are playing music videos from all eras, and genres. In one night I saw Solider Boy with Kiss Me Through The Phone, Iggy Pop's Lust for Life (which is sadly most widely known as the Gap ad song) , TLC's Creep, and even a Led Zeppelin performance from the 70's.

Not only does MTV have AMTV, they also have FNMTV on Friday's hosted by Fallout Boy's Pete Wentz, and they have brought back their acclaimed Unplugged series. MTV has also been using a number of retro-type promos for  Spring-break  including  an Andy Samberg promo where the footage is made to look as though it was taking place during one of MTV's 80's  Spring-break getaways . The network also just aired a made for tv movie on the life of former Real World San-Francisco cast-member and AIDS advocate Pedro Zamora, who was an MTV staple and a 90's icon in his own right. To add to the new and improved programing is a new series produced by Nick Lachey titled Taking the Stage, a reality series fallowing high school students who are attending a school geared toward the performing arts, yes that right MTV actually has a reality series showcasing people with talent, and not just a bunch of spoiled rich kids with nothing to offer the world. While MTV has somewhat shifted their programing, ratings mean money, and we can expect a brand new season of The Hills to be premiering next week. Although The Hills has nothing to do with music, and it may make us a little less intelligent every time we watch it, there is definitely a must see tv factor and it's a ratings juggernaut for the network.

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  • Rabeya 5 years ago

    Andyyyyyyyy Sambergg!!!!!

  • Jesse 5 years ago

    bout freaking time they try to live up to there name after the 90's that netowrk went to the hole!

  • Kassy 5 years ago

    i didn't know nick lachey's produced "taking the stage".. cool

  • nick 5 years ago

    i am glad to finally see something like this come back, but wish there was more.....this was the first time in many many years that MTV actually caught my eye and i watched it. just wish there was more into his life. he was an amazing man.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Beavis and Buthead!!!