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MTV debuts its Hip Hop POV

Meet the hosts
Meet the hosts

We all can agree that MTV has been lacking in the "M" aspect of their name. Outside of Suckerfree Countdown, I cannot recall the last time I've seen a thorough hip hop POV on MTV.

The POV will air on Wednesday nights at midnight and bosts a bevy of hip hop insiders from diverse and unique backgrounds.

From record execs to music journalists, the five industry panelists featured each Wednesday at midnight will take a critical look at the genre's movements, dole out exclusive interviews with top artists and give some necessary context to up-and-comers.

MTV does an excellent job with finding an eclectic and respected group of artists, critics, and lovers of pure hip hop. Each with their own voice and each not afraid to speak their truth. Quiet honestly, if MTV ever needed a fill-in, or street correspondence...I'm your guy!

The first episode includes interviews with Akon, Lil' Wayne, and 2Chainz. I'll be tuning in every Wednesday!