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MTV chose their top 10 in the game


Pic courtesy of MTV

Every year MTV comes out with their Top 10 Hottest MCs in the game. This years list has got to be one of the most shocking lists of all years.

The list goes as follows:

  • 10. Raekwon (Wu_Tang)
  • 9.  50 Cent
  • 8.  Fabolous
  • 7. Young Jeezy
  • 6. Gucci Mane
  • 5. Rick Ross
  • 4. Kanye West
  • 3. Drake
  • 2. Lil Wayne
  • 1. Jay Z

A lot of Hip Hop lovers have been very vocal about this Top 10. Some feel as if this list was lacking true artists such as: Ludacris, TI, and Eminem. The most shocking entry was number 6; Gucci Mane. While he is blowing up the charts and is on top of his collabo game, Gucci Mane is fairly new to the game and his lyrical skills are not so top notch. All in all it was a fair list, and hopefully next year a few more deserving MCs will get their shine.


  • joebiam 5 years ago

    This list is nothing more than an attempt by MTV to legitimize it's "respect" for Hip-Hop. I respect a lot of the opinions on the board but they still stand as opinions. Besides, when it comes to music hot is a double edged sword. It can define one's talent OR one's status. Personally, I LOVE Fab. To me he's HOT (talented) and earned his spot on the list with talent & consistency. But Gucci Mane is HOT (popular). He's hustlin' hard and everywhere you look there he is. The hype machine can make a mediocre artist hot...