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MTV bringing 'Dawn of the Dead' to the small screen?

Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Laurel Group

With the big trend in Hollywood these days being remakes and reboots of popular franchises in order to boost box office ratings, it's no surprise that television is getting in to the act. Now, MTV is apparently going to be latching on to one of the most popular zombie movies of all-time by creating a series based on George Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

While nothing is finalized yet, it looks like MTV is dodging the fast zombie/slow zombie problem by having a mix of both to satisfy the needs of all kinds of zombie lovers. Smart move. Little else is known about the project at this time, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date as details roll in. 

MTV has been leaning on the horror genre more and more as of late, with an upcoming Teenwolf series and the special Halloween movie, My Super-Psycho Sweet 16. With the Dawn of the Dead series coming to fruition, we could very well see them become a major player in the horror television field, which as of late has been dominated by networks like HBO (True Blood) and Showtime (Dexter).

Whether or not the show will be any good, or resonate with viewers, kudos to MTV for having the guts to take the 1978 classic and turn it in to a series, at the risk of alienating every Romero loving fan boy and girl in the world.

Good luck MTV. You'll need it.


  • Jennifer Hudock, Harrisburg Book Examiner 5 years ago

    This has the potential to be really cool, but like nearly everything MTV has touched since they stopped actually playing music videos... I fear it.

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