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MTS keeps stake in setting taxicab work limits

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The San DIego Metropolitan Transit System will keep the taxicab work done in the city running by the rules for another five years. After a year of the city considering taking back control over for-hire transportation in the city, the city agreed with MTS on a five year extension of their taxicab administration agreement.

The city council, on Monday, decided not to change the role MTS has had for years.

MTS will work with the city on setting the rules for taxicabs and charter vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, nonemergency medical vehicles, low speed vehicles, and jitneys. New rules will first be reviewed by the MTS Taxicab ADvisory COmmittee, and the city's public safety and livable neighborhoods committees, before going to the MTS Board. Rules the board signs off on go to the city council for approval.

FOrmer mayor Bob Filner had decided not to follow the city's taxicab practices, and, opened up city work on new rules. MTS and the city still consider setting maximum age and mileage limits for taxicabs, and, setting up a new city permit transfer. Drivers permitted by the city might, in the future, if a new rule gains approval, have to give out pay receipts for fare charges, and keep receipt records.

Permit fees pay for the full cost of the work MTS does on regulating drivers. The California Code says MTS must charge drivers the fees.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.