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Mt. Scott ENT & Sleep Medicine Launches Balloon Sinuplasty Website

James Chan, MD and Robert Roberts, DO, board certified otolaryngologists at Mt. Scott Ear, Nose and Throat & Sleep Medicine, have launched a balloon sinuplasty website to inform potential Portland sinus surgery patients about chronic sinusitis and the benefits of balloon sinuplasty.

The website features a custom built survey that asks questions about symptoms and other factors that can contribute to chronic nasal congestion. Filling out the survey gives users a “SNOT-20” score, which can be used to determine if they are good candidates for balloon sinuplasty. If they are candidates for balloon sinuplasty, they can request a consultation with a Portland sinus expert.

“Our new website does a great job of informing Portland chronic sinusitis sufferers of treatments that can help them,” Dr. Chan said. “Our goal is to help patients breathe better, especially those who have been suffering with chronic nasal congestion. Balloon sinuplasty is the breakthrough treatment that many of them need.”

Balloon sinuplasty is a novel office-based procedure that treats chronic sinusitis without the need for invasive surgery. More than 350,000 patients suffering from chronic sinusitis have been treated with balloon sinuplasty and most patients report an improvement in sinus symptoms and quality of life following the procedure.

With balloon sinuplasty, ENT doctors can open inflamed sinus passageways similar to how heart doctors open blocked arteries with balloon angioplasty. Balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and allows patients to quickly return to their normal daily activities.

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