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Mt. Rose opens more territory

Mt. Rose opens Lower Lakeview, black diamond delights!
Mt. Rose opens Lower Lakeview, black diamond delights!
Mt. Rose P/R

Lower Lakeview is now open at Mt. Rose. The press release on Thursday, January 16, should make more advanced skiers smile just a bit more. Another black diamond always does.

The press release included a fine interview with Grooming and Snowmaking Manager Dave Hahl. Pay attention, he's a pro:

"Mt. Rose: How are the conditions right now?

DH: They are very good in actuality. We have an adequate base and with nightly grooming the surface conditions are quite enjoyable.

Mt. Rose: What are you currently working on?

DH: We just opened Lower Lakeview and are working on upper/middle Silver Dollar with three guns dedicated to spot repair.

Mt. Rose: How's the mountain holding up?

DH: Really well, snowmaking snow always does. A snowmaking particle is round, so it bonds tighter together than a natural snowflake does. A natural snowflake has more air in it, so it tends to wear out faster than a snowmaking snowflake.

Mt. Rose: How are you and your crew holding up?

DH: Our job never ends; it's literally 24/7 but the crew is holding up well. It's a lot of work opening up multiple runs on man-made snow, but we're up to the task."

It is interesting to note the difference between snow that falls from the sky, and the snow that gets shot out of a snow cannon. All in all, it adds up to a good reason to head to Mt. Rose for a black diamond experience.

What this does is add to the skiable terrain that is the playground of more experienced skiers. So far this season, the steeps just haven't been too available. At Mt. Rose, that's changing.

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