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MSW on Ross Doutht's NYT piece

Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter comments on Ross Douthat's article in the New York Times. He mentions all the issues on his personal agenda - from liberarianism to communitarianism to immigration and abortion. You can read the paragraph at My comments follow:

The main problem for the Democrats, especially the Catholic elected ones, is in laying out a compelling case for not providing legal protection for first trimester embyos - rather than standing on pluralism and saying they, of course, are personally pro-life (they are not, because to really be so they would have to be Republicans). That is the other thing they never say, because doing so would offend Catholic voters - calling out some members of the Bishop's Conference as being in bed with the GOP political agenda with no hope for actually helping the unborn. Indeed, going all in on much larger child tax credits payable with wages would crush the Republicans without alienating the NEA/NOW vote (pretty much the same thing). Oh, at least one should explain why Roe cannot be overturned without demolishing federal supremacy on equal protection - which sounds like a job for Obama.

As the nativists in the Tea Party have unseated the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, I suspect that the days of the GOP are numbered. This is problematic for the Democras because the refugees will make the Democratic coalition even more untennable than anyone thinks. It will split into two factions - with the nature of the split depending on who the leaders are that seek support. I am hoping one of the new parties is of the libertarian socialist variety - which I am sure is a concept that will make MSW's head explode. What happens with identity politics and the corporate wing of the Democrats is an interesting question. I would welcome the former but not the latter.

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