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MSW on Fr. Sirico of Acton on Hobby Lobby

Fr. Sirico of the misnamed Acton Institute (almost as aggregiious doublespeak as the Susan B. Anthony Fund) wrote a column on the Hobby Lobby Case, which Michael Sean Winters reviews in National Catholic Reporter. I never link to Acton (bad luck) but the link to MSW is at My comments follow:

I would agree with Fr. Sirico on shifting from contract money to donor money but for one thing, donor money is optional. Make the donations essentially mandatory and I am all in, provided that does not change the requirements that they treat their employees according to law and not canon law. Unless donors can match dollar for dollar, Sirico is part of the war against the poor by ersatz libertarians who justify inequality. The Catholic Church will alway be part of public life and should join with the state as long as there is one in making serving the poor more than a few sandwiches and possibly a bed for the homeless. Besides that, Lutheran Social Services already cleans the Catholic Charities clock in some jurisdictions, like DC, because the bishops don't interfere at LSS.

On the question of whether Hobby Lobby is a person, it is - and not even a publicly traded person. Still, the only resolution to this case was an outside birth control provider (so no moral victories were won here) - as effectively preventing birth control use by Hobby Lobby employees in all cases would have attacked Griswold v. Connecticut. Sirico would have loved that to happen, I am sure, but he was sorely disappointed if he did. This was not a question of religious liberty. It was a question of religious power and those who wanted more power for religion lost.

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