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MSNBC slammed for tweet claiming conservatives would hate biracial Cheerios ad

MSNBC slammed for smearing conservatives over biracial Cheerios ad.
MSNBC slammed for smearing conservatives over biracial Cheerios ad.
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MSNBC is well-known for falsely smearing conservatives as racist. After issuing a tweet claiming "the rightwing" would hate a Cheerios ad with a biracial family, the network was slammed by conservatives with multiracial families, Newsbusters reported Thursday. As a result, the network deleted the offensive tweet and apologized, saying it's "not who we are."

"Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family," the original tweet said, referencing an article published Wednesday.

The tweet sparked anger on the social media site, Twitchy said.

"This is from the same network that mocked Mitt Romney's family for adopting a black baby," one person said.

"Hi @msnbc cretins: I am 'rightwing' & my kids are biracial. Take your self-righteous hatred & shove it," added conservative columnist Michelle Malkin.

Malkin encouraged her supporters to tweet pictures of their multiracial families, using the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily.

And tweet they did -- apparently in large enough numbers to make MSNBC pull the tweet and apologize.

"Here's MY family, you bigoted, sanctimonious pr**ks," one person told MSNBC.

"Earlier, this account tweeted an offensive line about the new Cheerios ad. We deeply regret it. It does not reflect the position of msnbc," the network said.

"We are deleting the earlier offensive tweet. It does not reflect msnbc's position and we apologize," the network said a minute later.

"The Cheerios tweet from @msnbc was dumb, offensive and we've taken it down. That's not who we are at msnbc," added Richard Wolffe, executive editor of MSNBC.

A post at the conservative blog Weasel Zippers, however, begged to differ.

"Umm, that’s exactly who you are," the blog said.

Throughout the 2012 election, for example, hosts at MSNBC twisted themselves into pretzels declaring every word uttered by a Republican is racist.

"Chicago" and "golf" are just two words the network declared racist, while Touré Neblett once declared that "crime" is racial code.

Malkin said the original article MSNBC linked to claimed there was “conservative backlash” against an earlier Cheerios ad featuring the same biracial family. The network did not apologize for that attack, but quietly edited the sentence.



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