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MSNBC prank call targets Krystal Ball about plane crash caused by Howard Stern

MSNBC received a prank call on Thursday by an apparent Howard Stern fan who called into the network television station. The questions regarding the crude incident are how the caller got on live television and how it is that there was no method of catching the prank caller before he delivered his joke over the air. During the live coverage of the news story of the horrendous Malaysia Airplane MH17 crash, MSNBC News commentator Krystal Ball was speaking with a United States congressman – Congressman Peter Walsh - about the disaster when she abruptly ended her interview with him for “Breaking News,” according to a New York Daily News report on Thursday.

Krystal Ball during prank call on July 17, 2014
MSNBC screenshot

The “Breaking News” was to speak with an alleged eye witness to the Malaysia Airlines airplane crash that occurred Thursday. Krystal Ball introduced the caller without saying he was an alleged eye witness - as she stated that he was an eye witness. She simply said that this was an MSNBC “exclusive” and the caller was U.S. Staff Sgt. Michael Boyd. Ball went on to say that Boyd was at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and he saw a missile in the air and then saw the missile hit the plane. After the introduction, Ball asked, “Sgt., are you there?” He said he was there.

After establishing live on-air contact, Ball asked Boyd to please tell the audience what he saw there from the ground in Ukraine. The prank caller then said that he was looking out the window when he saw a projectile flying through the sky. He continued by saying that it would appear that the plane was shot down by “a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.”

Quite incredibly, Ball had a follow-up question for Boyd rather than ending the interview right then. She asked Boyd if, from his military training, he could tell what type of missile system that might have been coming from. Shocked at the follow-up question, the prank caller told Ball, “You’re a dumb ass, aren’t you?” She then said, “I’m sorry, sir?” as if she didn’t quite understand him. After a pause, she went to a commercial break while promising that she would be back with all the latest, according to the Daily Caller. The strangest part of the call may be what the prank caller didn't say: "Bababooey!"

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