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MSNBC’s Joy Reid says GOP wants America to fail so Obama will look bad

Joy Reid
Joy Reid
MSNBC screen grab

News flash for Joy Reid: Barack Obama already looks bad to more than 53% of the nation. He doesn’t need anyone’s help to look worse.

In addition to which, does this woman really believe that Republicans want their own country to crash and burn as long as the president goes down in flames himself?

Truth Revolt sets the stage for Reid’s incisive analysis:

During a conversation with Jared Bernstein and Joy Reid, Al Sharpton asked the duo what they thought about Republicans talk of jobs being the biggest issue for the 2014 midterm elections.

It was at this point that Reid declared:

I mean the Republican Party really is governed by its media industrial complex at this point. The media wing really drives the policy… Their base is married to the idea that Barack Obama is this dictator, that President Obama is the worst thing in the world and they in a sense have an incentive to make the country fail if necessary just so he'll fail!

Read the rest of the story here.

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