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MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Those questioning Obamacare numbers are 'truthers'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews attacks those who questions Obamacare numbers as "truthers," decries use of the word "regime."
MSNBC's Chris Matthews attacks those who questions Obamacare numbers as "truthers," decries use of the word "regime."
MSNBC via Newsbusters

On Thursday's edition of "Hardball," MSNBC's Chris Matthews attacked those who questioned the administration's statement that over seven million people have so far far enrolled in Obamacare, Newsbusters reported. Not only did Matthews slam well-known conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, he went after's Dean Chambers, decrying his use of the word "regime."

"Well, the clown car had some more good company here. Remember Dean Chambers? He is the conservative activist who founded 'Unskewed Polls' back in 2012 to correct the scientific polls that showed President Obama in the lead. Well, that math wizard has some criticism for the White House's enrollment numbers now," Matthews said.

He then quoted from a piece Chambers wrote regarding the healthcare numbers.

"Quote, 'does this sound familiar? Of course. It's just the last time of several that the regime has fabricated numbers to meet a goal it has set. The magic seven million ObamaCare sign-ups is no different than anything else reported by the regime, completely fraudulent, fake, and phony.'"

We reached out to Chambers for his reaction.

"At least he quoted me correctly from that article," Chambers said.

A number of people have suggested the enrollment numbers may have been "cooked," including respected conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.

"This is a phony number," he said, calling it "wonderfully precise."

On Sunday, Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., also said the enrollment numbers suggests the administration has “cooked the books.”

“They are cooking the books on this," he told Fox News Sunday.

Other Republicans have also slammed the announcement, with Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, calling it "the ultimate April Fools' Day joke."

Newsbusters' Matt Hadro noted:

Of course, many of the conservatives Matthews was referring to had a legitimate claim that the White House's 7 million enrollment figure wasn't accurate. Blue Cross Blue Shield claimed that as many as 15 to 20 percent of its new customers hadn't paid their first premium. If that is the percentage for the entire ObamaCare market, the enrollment figure would be 6 million or less.

But Matthews never mentioned any of that.

Chambers also brushed off Matthews' criticism of the word "regime," a term normally reserved for totalitarian or oppressive governments like those in North Korea and Iran.

"It really, really, really annoys them that we call it the regime," he said, explaining that the criticism is a result of Matthews' inability to "handle the truth."

"The reason many of us use the term Obama regime is because this is the most lawless administration in U.S. history," he said.

"This regime has ignored federal court decisions, ignored and violated key provisions of the Constitution, and has covered up or failed to investigate a long list of serous scandals in which the regime itself is directly involved," he added. "Not only is the regime lawless, hence use of that term, it is also authoritarian."

Chambers referred to the NSA spying scandal, the scandal involving IRS targeting of conservatives and a foreign policy he says endangers national security.

Not only that, Chambers says he stands behind his contention the administration is illegitimate, having stolen the 2012 election through voter fraud.



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