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MSNBC's Chris Matthews forgot his meds with CPAC tirade

Chris Matthews stabilized
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Chris Matthews, the eccentric ideologue on the far left of the Democratic Party and host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” weekdays, has had another of his crazy political hissy fits Friday.

This time it’s the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), calling it a "whole tapestry of weirdness" attended by a "crazy car" filled with Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

“Tapestry of weirdness” and “crazy car.” Okay I guess that "works" for a program defined as “news?”

Matthews compared CPAC's annual conference to “Star Wars” bar scene full of wild-eyed creatures from another planet or two.

The MSNBC hysterical host said, "Well, today here in Washington, the whole tapestry of weirdness was re-enacted at the annual convention of something called CPAC." "Well, actually, 'conservative' doesn't quite capture this out-of-this-world jamboree.”

He further editorialized, "At CPAC, it's the far-out sharing space with the even further out, a place for the crazy car to fill up with the usual suspects, Cruz and Paul and Rubio and Gov. Bobby Jindal, while gassing up with the craziest bunch of ideas since Gov. Rick 'Oops' Perry who couldn't remember that list of government agencies he wanted to kill."

Matthews, known for years as an out-of-control, knee-jerk liberal his tiny audience with the most startling unintentional impression of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid attacking billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who help fund the political action committee, “Americans for Prosperity,” which target his beloved Democrats.

The mad man of MSNBC conceded “normal people” attend the conference, but added, “They're just regular people. And yet they all buy into this. Why do they benefit from any of this stuff, this crazy right-wing economic agenda? I just don't see why regular people buy into the Koch brothers' ambition."

Matthew’s tirades have been ignored by ratings-poor MSNBC brass for two reasons.

He is far less controversial than the fired Alec Baldwin or Martin Bashir and the size of MSNBC’s audience is largely made up of people looking for clown acts, not serious politics.

As you listened to Matthew's rant, you felt like the only people haring it were crickets and shuffling sagebrush.

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