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MSNBC claims: 'No evidence' Thad Cochran won due to illegal voting

MSNBC claims there's "no evidence" illegal voting took place in Mississippi, despite clear evidence to the contrary.
MSNBC claims there's "no evidence" illegal voting took place in Mississippi, despite clear evidence to the contrary.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Mississippi Tea Party has found some 800 instances of illegal voting in one county alone, and Chris McDaniel told Sean Hannity his camp has discovered over 1,000 instances of voters who participated in both the June 3 Democratic Party primary and the June 24 GOP runoff. Nevertheless, the reliably-liberal MSNBC proclaimed on Thursday there's "no evidence" Cochran won due to illegal voting.

Instead, MSNBC says, it's just a "high-profile exhibit" to bolster the conservative case that voter fraud exists and that it presents a danger to the integrity of America's elections.

"To be clear, no evidence has emerged that Cochran’s win, which appears to have been achieved by courting black Democrats, was anything other than perfectly legal," Zachary Roth wrote. "But that’s not how some furious McDaniel supporters—egged on by the candidate himself—see it."

Translation: Ignore what is right in front of our eyes and move on.

Roth went on to say the Cochran race will be used as an excuse to "justify further restrictions on voting."

Despite Roth's desire to cast the issue as a phony scandal, the evidence is mounting that Cochran may in fact have won due to illegal voting.

How much of a difference did the infusion of Democrat voters make? According to statistician Nate Silver, Cochran would have lost by about eight percent had Democrats not interfered.

And the situation may get worse. Charles C. Johnson, the citizen journalist who uncovered a race-baiting pro-Cochran robocall, said in a tweet that as many as 15,000 Democrats may have illegally voted on June 24.

"I have received word from top source that at least 5,000 or as high as 15,000 Democrats voted on 6/3 dem primary," he tweeted.

Roth noted that some conservatives, like RedState’s Erick Erickson, suggested conservatives simply move on.

“As much as I support Chris McDaniel, a conservative should not insist the law should not be applied. It was an open primary,” he tweeted.

While Mississippi law provides for open primaries, it also says that "[n]o person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in which he participates."

As we reported Wednesday, an advisory from the state attorney general and secretary of state also said that "crossover voting is prohibited in the State of Mississippi."

"Crossover voting is defined as participation in the first primary of one political party and participation in the runoff primary of another party. Thus, a voter who cast his/her ballot in the Democratic Primary Election on June 3 is prohibited from casting his/her ballot in the Republican Primary Runoff Election on June 24, and vice versa," the advisory adds.

The meaning is clear -- those who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary were prohibited from voting in the June 24 GOP runoff. But it's looking like many simply disobeyed the law and did just that. Worse yet, it seems some in the establishment and the so-called "mainstream media" condone such lawlessness.

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