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MSM: promotes homosexuality, not hero

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Today, in an article on Young Conservatives online the message struck a chord of concern and this article is the result.

There has been so much hoopla going on about Michael Sam and his boyfriend and of course their “kiss” that has been stirring in the news of the main stream media or as this writer calls it, the “lame stream media.”

It is amazing how often something like this will make the headlines or at the least will have coverage enough to bring it to the public’s attention in the msm.

This all took place when Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams and has been the talk of the town ever since.
Then there is the story of a young football player who was picked by the Philadelphia Eagles but you don’t see half the publicity about this one. Is it because they don’t like that football team? It probably is not. Is it because he is black? It’s not likely since Michael Sam is, too.

Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that he’s not gay and openly showing it to the world? Hmm, could it be they don’t think he’s that talented? Maybe or could it be that he graduated from West Point, was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Army infantry, did three tours of duty in Afghanistan and went on to volunteer for the U.S. Army Rangers. He also earned the Bronze Star Medal for valor when he pulled wounded soldiers from an isolated position while under fire.

Why would that be worth writing about? Here’s a young man who even though he had played football for quite a while, took time to serve his country and was deployed three times into the very dangerous area of Afghanistan and when he came back still volunteered his services to the U.S. Army Rangers. He was a hero to those wounded soldiers he saved, but was that enough for the media to recognize him in the press? Now who would want to read about something like this when there is so much going on in the life of Michael Sam?

So here’s the scenario. We have one football player who made a public display of his homosexuality for the whole world to see. Now this is something that most Christians and Jews believe is wrong in the sight of God and yet Michael Sam received a ton of publicity because of it. That’s not to say that apart from the clamor over his life style that he is not a good person otherwise. But really, was all that necessary?

Yet, there has been little media coverage about this young man whose name is Alejandro Villanueva.

Thank you, Young Conservatives for bringing this young man to the attention of the public and thank you, Allen West for writing a great article about him.

It’s a sad commentary when immorality receives greater recognition in the media than the honorable act of patriotism and heroism by those whether sports figures or of other professions.

We all know that the media today totally ignores anything good while promoting the actions of those who see no wrong in open immoral conduct. A man kissing a man apparently is acceptable in public, especially in sports, but not exclusively.

Remember, when Tim Tebow chose to express his religious beliefs by kneeling on the sideline before a game to pray? Instead of him being praised for being so humble, it was seen as unacceptable and he was ridiculed just for displaying his Christian faith in the act of a prayer. The only media coverage he got was being made fun of and some saying it shouldn’t be allowed.

But you know what? It isn’t just the media, it is society in general. During younger adult years, homosexuality was not something that was publicized and promoted on the airways and in the press. It was not openly talked about. It happened, of course, but it wasn’t hailed as the norm because it wasn’t. It still isn’t but you would never know that by the way it is accepted just about everywhere as a way of life and is seen as good in the sight of God. This writer has read nowhere in the Bible where it says that homosexuality is good and acceptable by God. It does say, however, that it is an abomination in the sight of God.

This was not what He meant to be when He created man. He created one man and one woman to replenish the earth and that can only happen between a man and a woman. Children are supposed to have a mother and father; not two mothers or two fathers. It’s just not natural.

Others have been criticized for bringing that to light and it won’t be any surprise if this writer is, as well. If it happens, so be it. That’s what happens when you write the truth. Let the chips fall where they may.

Have we moved so far away from God’s teachings and keeping His commandments that we just let young men like Alejandro Villenueva fall through the cracks without recognition of the good they have done to make things better for everyone?

This writer believes that it probably doesn’t make any difference to Alejandro Villanueva whether he receives recognition from the msm or not. He appears to be happy with his life and where it is going, so maybe that’s all that really matters. It would just be nice to see the mainstream media stop being the lame stream media.


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