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MSI X340: What is it and why would you want one?

Dell Adamo and MacBook Air behold the competition. The MSI is thin and light with dimensions almost identical to the MacBook Air (12.8″(w)x8.9″(d)x0.76″(h) and 3.0 lbs.
 Launched in January 2008, this notebook features an impressive LCD with the resolution 1366×768, not quiet up to par with the MacBook Air, but close.  The PC has a comfortable keyboard and the 4-cell battery lasts 3-4 due to a low voltage Intel CPU and a power-saving LED backlight. The best part is definitely the price of $699, half of the cost of MacBook Air or the Dell Adamo (both start at $1,499). 
MSI X340 sounds too good to be true. Let’s take a quick look at the downfalls of the machine. While the Dell Adamo and the MacBook Air both have solid metal bodies, the MSI X340 is made out of plastic making it less durable and giving it a cheap look. While both the Dell Adamo and MacBook Air feature a dual core processor  and 800MHz DDR3 RAM, the MSI X340 has a mere 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 and 800MHz DDR2 RAM. Just like Adamo and the Air, MSI X340 lacks a disk drive forcing the consumer to purchase an external one for another $100. 
The question remains: should you make the purchase? If you are chasing something ultra slim and ultra portable that won’t break the bank this machine is for. If you are looking for performance, you are better off with a standard notebook for the same price simply because it will provide you with better hardware options.