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MSC Poesia assists in rescue of capsized boaters off Miami

Italian cruise ship MSC Poesia assisted the United States Coast Guard with the rescue of four passengers from a small, capsized boat over the weekend off the Miami coast.

MSC Poesia was had departed Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday heading for a Western Caribbean cruise when the boat was spotted at about 9 p.m.

Giacomo Romano notified the US Coast Guard. The rescue efforts took about 30 minutes. All four people survived 12-hours in the choppy and cold waters, and were safely taken onboard the US Coast Guard vessel.

After the rescue, MSC Poesia continued her voyage without any delays to Key West, her next port-of- call on the 7-night cruise.

One of the survivors expressed his gratitude for the rescue. “It was challenging to stay positive. The MSC Poesia was one of our last chances for survival. Our families owe you our lives,” said Michael Colon.


  • MSC Passenger 5 years ago

    My husband and I witnessed this. We watched from our balcony. I only saw one rescued. The capsized boat actually was pulled under water towards the front of our ship after the first man was rescued by the Coast Guard. The three other men holding on yelled "The ship is pulling us under". Then there was silence. I spoke to other people who watched from the opposite side of the ship and all they saw was the boat with no people.

  • MSC Passenger 5 years ago

    We have only seen pictures of the first man being rescued. This is what we witnessed. Where are the pictures or the media footage on the joyous event of all being saved? I have my doubts and know that I smell a rat.

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