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Ms. Tigerpants at Harbor Shelter


Ms. Tigerpants at Harbor Shelter

In the past, I have always been apprehensive to enter animal shelters. Not only because I know healthy, adoptable companion animals are euthanized but because I want to take all of the animals home and give them the love and care that they deserve. In my case, that isn’t possible.

Which is why we all need to adopt our next pet from a shelter. There seems to be a stigma with shelter pets that they are unhealthy, abused, or neglected. This isn’t the case at all. Many shelter pets are owner turn-ins or strays who are very healthy and well taken care of but somehow due to economic hardship or other tragedy ended up homeless.They are each majestic ,unique and feeling creatures that deserve love and life.

I decided to visit the Los Angeles Harbor Shelter at 957 N. Gaffey Street in San Pedro on Saturday, June27th. I knew the shelter was only one year old and was excited to see the animals and experience a new Los Angeles shelter. When I entered, I was happy to see Clinico, one of seven low cost  spay/neuter services in Los Angeles. With two women working and wearing Clinico T-Shirts, I asked them where I could find Mercedes the volunteer coordinator. She was at an event for a couple of hours but I was helped by a volunteer, Mr. Karl Loveys. I told him that I was the LA Cat Examiner and wanted to profile an unadopted shelter cat that had been at the shelter the longest. He brought me to the Cat Room, where there were two other volunteers cleaning and refilling food for the cats.

There was a nice Play Room attached to the Cat Room with blue cat cubbies and cat ramps where visitors can play with the cats available for adoption. I walked around the Cat Room and asked which cat had been there the longest. They said Ms. Tigerpants. Ms. Tigerpants is a healthy,beautiful, Brown Tabby Domestic Short hair with her paws reaching out through the cage. She was a very nice spayed female cat and really adored human touch. Her physical appearance reminded me of a feral cat I rescued named Pepper . She came in on May 6, 2009 and has ID # A1028683. The adoption fee is $64.00-$68.00 for vaccinations and micro chipping.

What really surprised me as I looked at the cats was how clean and beautiful they were. I am not just saying this because I love cats and rescue cats. Every cage was clean and the cats were calm and friendly. I have been to shelters where animals are so stressed that they are shaking. I was also impressed with the volunteer staff at the shelter. They were helpful and Karl Lovey even showed me the dog area where he and his wife clean the dog enclosures and take the dogs out to walk around.

My experience at Harbor Shelter was a positive one. It is a new facility with helpful volunteers and a great place to adopt a cat. Please visit Harbor Shelter and adopt Ms. Tigerpants. She needs a good home and a little love.Shelter hours are Tues./Thurs. 8am-7pm, Wed./Fri. 8am-5pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, and Sun. 11am-5pm



  • Colleen 5 years ago

    So true! I adopted my pretty-girl from the shelter and she is perfect!