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Mrsa bacteria, what you should know

In the last article the writer mentioned a bacterial infection that is seemingly on the rise called the flesh eating bacteria. Well, the writer has been also hearing about another infectious bacterium called mrsa or Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria is essentially resistant to most antibiotics hence the name. This bacterial infection has at one time been mostly confined to hospitals. The writer himself had to contend with many people that were infected with this contagious bacterium when he worked as a nurse’s aid years ago. Lately, people are getting infected with this bacterium in gyms, other publicly used facilities such as health clubs and public bathrooms. In fact some NFL locker rooms had to be disinfected to curtail this bacterium as well. This infection can manifest itself a simple abrasion that breaks open and releases fluid. Individuals with this infection will suffer from flu like symptoms such as a high fever, chills and weakness. Like the previously mentioned flesh eating bacteria, this can also cause death if left untreated. And sadly this kind of infectious bacteria can develop into the previously mentioned flesh eating bacteria. Another fact is that this infection can enter your body through a cut or abrasion. But take note, most of the time, this bacteria which is also present in our noses, rarely ever causes major health problems for most people. However there are some common things you can do to prevent this bacteria from making you sick.

The easiest way to prevent this bacteria from entering you body is by simply washing your hands. Try and beware that many people still to this day do not wash their hands when using public bathrooms a common breeding ground for this bacteria. So try and get into your mind that most public places have contaminated surfaces. After washing your hands, use a clean towel to turn off the water in the sink and open the public bathroom door. And when you get a cut, treat it with anti bacterial ointment and put a band aid on it. Thirdly, try and carry a small can of disinfectant when you visit public facilities at health clubs or other public places because, most of the time these places are only cleaned once a day. Staying healthy means more than just exercising and eating the right foods, it also helps when you are proactive in preventing infections. For more information please view the links below and also contact the writer through

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