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Mr. Putin, The World Is Mad As Hell

Mr. Putin, The World Is Mad As Hell
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This is not an article about Barack Obama or any other world leader that anybody has a gripe with. This is an article that deals with the facts. Russian President Vladimir Putin is directing the Pro Russian Separatists of the Ukraine and the world knows it. The Russians allowed the Separatists to use BUK rocket launchers to fire missiles at three airplanes last week. The third missile took down a passenger jet carrying no Ukrainian or Russian citizens. They were not involved in the Ukrainian conflict.

What probably happened is that the crew who were monitoring the launcher simply mistook the Malaysian Airliner which was flying at 33,000 ft for a Ukrainian transport. Why they made this mistake is because the rebels are not soldiers, and since to properly learn the BUK system which takes about two years, they were not properly trained. In other words the Russians who gave this machine to the rebels are guilty of negligence. Since Putin is the head of the Russian Federation he in turned had to sign off on this. The soldier in the field would not have been authorized to hand over the launcher. Authority would have come from Putin.

That being said, now you have 298 bodies scattered all over the Eastern Ukraine countryside. International Inspectors have been held at bay and have not been given total access to the crash area. The rebels have kept them from looking for the black boxes or any other items. The bodies of the victims are still scattered all over the area. Some reporters and inspectors have seen some bodies being picked up and loaded onto freight cars for destinations unknown.
Now lets talk about just how angry the world is becoming. Mr Putin you want to play with the Ukraine go ahead knock yourself out but when you Mr. Putin start messing around with the bodies to possibly use them as a bargaining tool to offset the sanctions that have been levied against you and your countrymen then you are simply nuts.

The world has tolerated your bullying and your stupidity and will tolerate it no more. Finally, to anyone who wishes to make comments on this article...GO AHEAD. At least you are taking an interest in what is going on in the world. Look, I know Barack Obama and the United States have done their share of stupid things. Hell, you don't have to tell me I'm an American but this is not an article on our mistakes it is an article on Putin's stupidity. Let the bodies go home to be buried Mr Putin. The world knows that you are directing the pro Russian Separatists. They are not smart enough to do this by themselves.