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Mr. President stand your ground

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Facing three more long years in the White House, President Barack Obama may be wondering what he could do to speed up that time and get out from under the “second term curse” that has afflicted a number of presidents.

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His signature legislative accomplishment (his career accomplishment was getting elected in the first place) has been and will continue to be under attack until the day he leaves office and beyond. The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is the height of social engineering and federal government interference as far as Obama opponents are concerned. They will stop at nothing to discredit the act and by extension the President.

The bungled internet roll out entrusted to the Health and Human Services Department is inexcusable given its importance. What is clear at this point is that HHS Secretary Katherine Sebelius, a former Kansas Governor, and her department heads placed more importance on starting the program on time rather than starting a quality program on time.

Setting up an internet site with a guaranteed customer base is the dream of many an e-commerce entrepreneur. To be able to set up a site of which one knows that the moment it goes on line it will be at the top of the Google search engine in and of itself dictated that enough memory, back office personnel, and an adjoining 800 number manned and ready, should have been a no-brainer. But, alas, it didn’t happen.

Now the cleanup crew must work in the light of day (and every night) to fix the mess.

Mr. President, you have apologized enough. Just as with the on-going budget crisis, Benghazi, your appointments to the Federal courts, your citizenship, your race, and the impending pull out from Afghanistan (which should be a total pullout by the way), those on the Right will not rest until you are out of office.

Obamacare clearly empowers American consumers to make an informed choice concerning their healthcare. Obamacare clearly insures that Americans can and will get that care at an affordable price and guarantees the insurance industry, which benefits no matter what happens, a steady uninterrupted profit.

You were elected to lead. Let the fair weather congressional friends continue to place their fingers in the air to test the political winds that blow differently each hour. The Congressional Budget Office data, the votes enacting the law and the conservative Supreme Court that upheld it, plus the millions of Americans who will benefit in the years to come, provide you with solid footing going forward.

If you falter, you will have only yourself to blame.



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