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'Mr. Peabody' travels to the top

After sitting in second, "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" arrive at No. 1.
After sitting in second, "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" arrive at No. 1.
Box Office Mojo

"Mr. Peabody & Sherman" traveled from the second spot to the top of the box office and left the reigning champ "300: Rise of an Empire" and newcomer "Need for Speed" behind.

Having two movies that aim for the same demographic, no doubt, helped that happen. The male crowd split between the other two and helped the time-traveling pooch leap to No. 1. But, the product matters and "Need for Speed" ran out of gas after starting in the lead. The males dominated "300" and "Need for Speed" and split that audience which allowed the family flare of animation to take over.

Sure, Aaron Paul was big on TV's "Breaking Bad," but to propel that into a No. 1 movie was not going to happen. Many who cover the entertainment beat on a regular basis lament when a movie looks and feels like a video game. When that happens, it is usually all visual and no real plot. But, video games have emerged and grown a great deal over the years, but a video game is still a video game. Making them into a movie will get a certain crowd and leave others out in the cold.

When the term "visually stunning" gets tossed around it usually means the movie lacks a plot (or muddies it up), has bad acting, but it looks good. That is not good for the overall product. That will happen when "Noah" hits.

1. "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" - $21.2 million
2. "300: Rise of an Empire" - $19.1 million
3. "Need for Speed" - $17.8 million
4. "Non-Stop" - $10.6 million
5. "The Single Moms Club" - $8.3 million

Many opted out of joining Tyler Perry and his "Single Moms Club." Not a good start for a usually consistent Perry. But, he is with Oprah and OWN, so not a problem for him. It was his worst opening ever, however.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" continues its impressive limited run. It expanded from four to 66 theaters over the weekend and the per screen averages are looking good once again. "Veronica Mars" had its limited opening and hit wit hits fan base, too. But, the real kicker, and not Kickstarter, was that the TV show was canceled and yet, here it is on the big screen. It may serve as a lesson that is being written. Right now it is too early to tell.

A look ahead has "Divergent" looking good. The popular book will now play out on the big screen and is heading for that "Twilight" size opening perhaps with the "Catching Fire" crowd, too. And, some odd scheduling came the announcement that "Batman vs Superman" and "Captain America 3" will be released the same day on May 6, 2016. Someone has to suffer for that, one would imagine. Let's see if this hold.

Now, back to the top. For Mr. Peabody" to take over the top spot is pretty impressive because some thought is should have won last week. So, kudos to the film and its fans. It was very solid in second so now it sits on top.

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