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"Mr No" Comes to Alberta... And No One Should Listen

Apparently, climate huckster Tom Steyer has come calling in Alberta. Despite being the US' single-largest political donor -- giving to a variety of candidates and causes who cry bloody murder over the Koch brothers -- he's barely worth this column space. So I won't waste much of it on him.

In a fawning column in the Globe and Mail on Steyer's visit, Doug Saunders somehow manages to drool over Steyer's claims that there are more jobs in so-called "green energy" than in fossil fuels to even mention that even as Steyer crusades against the Keystone XL pipeline, he stands to make millions from his investments in Kinder Morgan. And while the TransMountain pipeline is not necessarily a competing pipeline per se, but Steyer's investment in Kinder Morgan is certainly more valuable if Keystone XL is never built.

This is all before one even bothers to address the uncomfortable questions being asked about the climate apocalypse model from which Steyer presumes to draw his moral and political capital.

Unfortunately, plenty of people will listen to Tom Steyer on his visit to Alberta. People like Steyer do delight in preaching to the choir.

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