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Mr. Moon

Oh please unlock me and let me go….
Oh please unlock me and let me go….

The Lemonade Ladies Poetry night turned out to be a night of magic as women read their original poems. One of the poets was Mona Woodruff. Mona is a flaming red-head, with a Cajun accent, a big heart, an amazing chef, and a life full of joy and sorrow. She is a retired professional staffing agent. Mona has had to deal with being raped at age twelve, being abused, watching someone she loved very deeply destroy his life, health issue after health issue, yet she is generous of heart and compassion for her fellow man. She has a magic deck in her back yard, where guests come to unwind, have a glass of wine, and be comforted by Mona.
Mona’s poem reflects a feeling most of us have, that feeling of wanting to run away, to unearth utopia, but feeling stuck in our everyday world. Mr. Moon is hope, the hope we have for a better future. She expresses how we hang on to, and cherish the hope with-in us. The poem elegantly articulates how we feel trapped, searching for the key to unlock us, to show us the way. The poem screams of the despair we feel when we have lost ourselves. When we lose our authentic self we feel imprisoned, and full of hopelessness, we are in misery, and don’t know where to go, or what we want; we just dream something will happen to show us the light. She goes on to communicate how we have the power inside of us, but something keeps us from using that power. She ends the poem by letting us know it is hope that gives us the courage to face another day.

Mr. Moon
By Mona Woodruff

Oh Mr. Moon---How I love you so
Take me away, where, I do not know.

Oh PLEASE, tell me you have the key,
The key to what, you ask,
the key to release me
And let me go.

To release me from what, from whom, well I do not know
For I have NO where that I can go

Oh please unlock me and let me go….for here, I do not want to be anymore.
Where is the future, I do not know.
You Mr. Moon, have the power to set me free, let me go,
And release me evermore.

Let me sail in the air and find my way, like a new bird with wings
And learn as I go.

Oh Mr. Moon, give me peace, take me to a place filled with beauty,
love, happiness, a place with no pain,
but PLEASE help me find myself again---just let me go.

Go to where, I do not know.
I do know you will be there to show me the way, always giving me the light of day.
Show what you ask, while casting your glow, showing me places that I really could go.
And in that glow there will be strength, and courage, to carry on for another day.

For the future, well I do not know!
Oh Mr. Moon, How I love you so!

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