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Mr. Hayden is a bullying mythbuster

This morning, March 10, 2014, Mr. Hayden of Excellence Martial Arts released his third short video on the myths that currently define bullying. Mr. Hayden is a prolific Blogger and Vlogger, video-based blogging, hosting multiple efforts to spread information on the power and benefits of the martial arts.

Mr. Hayden, the Bullying Mythbuster!
Zach Hayden, Excellence Martial Arts

The video blog series on the myths that surround bullying began on February 27, 2014 with the release of “Bully Myth #1” on It was later republished on YouTube, as attached to this article, on March 6, 2014. Mr. Hayden has continued the series with two additional short videos, “Bully Myth #2” and “Bully Myth #3”. When asked why he took on this latest project his answer was short and, like his videos, right on the mark:

I think it's important that parents and children know the truth about bullying. Knowledge is power and knowing the facts can help us protect ourselves and others from bullying behavior. – Mr. Hayden

His decision to take on yet another video-based blogging effort, no small task, shows his dedication to the fight against the damage being done by bullying in our schools and workplaces. This same dedication can be found throughout Indianapolis, and state of Indiana, in all of the American Taekwondo Association schools. Schools such as Mr. Hayden’s in Kendalville and the schools of the Central Indiana ATA Martial Arts Group are home to a long list of well-trained and certified Instructors and Bullying Prevention Specialists.

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