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Mr Gore goes to Washington

So we're all grown ups.

What happens to men once they pass 40 years old? - do brains run out of their ears? Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods.....

Now it's Al Gore?

I was in the food court in Grand Central Rail station the day Tiger Woods was "rescued" by his wife with a 9-iron. Every man in the area looked at each other and then looked down. We knew EXACTLY what happened.

Now, VP Al Gore - Mr. Inconvenient Truth - has invaded our grocery-store check-out stands with the incessant tabloid story of his affair with a paid masseuse

Hello! to both parties - you are a masseuse and you go to a guy's hotel room at night and do not expect an 'advance' - hey Mr. VP = what were you thinking ? You just invalidated any trust in everything ref global warming!

Thanks - it makes my day.
There is such a thing as public trust - and if you adopt the mantle of trust - then wear it - and wear it proudly and with humility





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