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Mr. Freeze confirmed at Arkham Origins new DLC villain.

After being teased with a picture of an award for the “Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year” with shards of ice behind it, fan have been wondering who the new Arkham Origins DLC ( downloadable content) villain would be. It has been confirmed by DC co-publisher and Artist Jim Lee that the new villain will be Mr. Freeze.
“Coming up tomorrow on DC All Access. We give you the latest scoop on Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest DLC featuring Mr. Freeze” Lee says on the All Access teaser.
Dr. Victor Fries, created by Bob Kane, David Wood, and Sheldon Moldoff, is a super villain and enemy of Batman. He first appeared in Batman #121 in 1959. Mr. Freeze has been given a new origin story in DC comics New 52. In the new, much darker, origin it is shown that as a young boy Victor's mother fell into a frozen lake and the ice helped keep her persevered long enough to get her help. But thanks to that accident his mother was in great pain and to release her from that pain, Victor pushed her into a lake. He then grow up and got a job working as a cryogenic researcher and technician at Wayne Enterprises. It was there that he fell in love with Nora, who is not his wife in this origin. Nora was a woman who lived in 1943 and at 23 years old was put into a cryogenic state in hope that in the future they would have a cure for her heart disease.
We are looking forward to how they portray this Mr. Freeze. Who else would you like to see become a DLC character in Arkham Origins?

New DLC villain in Arkham Origins.
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