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mPOINTS: A gateway to freebies

Learn how mPOINTS rewards you for using your mobile device.
Learn how mPOINTS rewards you for using your mobile device.
photo by Ryan D. Neely

I am sure that you like receiving free stuff. More than all, you like receiving free stuff that makes you happy like free food, music, and department store gift cards. The mPOINTS loyalty rewards program has made it possible for you to receive freebies as such simply by doing the things you already do.

mPOINTS program

The mPOINTS loyalty program is located on many of the top mobile apps. Through its sponsorship of these apps, users can earn mPOINTS for performing certain actions on a daily basis.


Mobile apps integrated with the mPOINTS program have select tasks that when completed give users achievements. Each achievement is worth a select amount of mPOINTS and vary between apps.


The loyalty program also has partnered with many businesses to reward visitors with mPOINTS through its mPLACES initiative. Users are rewarded points for checking in to partner stores on a daily basis.

Currently, users can check in to 15 stores a day to receive points through mPLACES. Users must choose their locations wisely as select stores may be worth more points than others due to special promotions.


Finally, after accumulating mPOINTS, users can head over to the mPOINTS store for special offers. The points can be used to enter sweepstakes, buy department store e-gift cards, gadgets, clothing, and other items.

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