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Mozilla tells the world the importance of internet safety

Did you know that the NSA is allowed to target internet flaws in their systems and not report them to the public so that they may use them for their own national security needs. These flaws that go unreported to the public only furthers to endanger our privacy to not only the government but to other organizations that threaten our safety. Recently a security breach was announced to the public that's still a threat. Currently the Heartbleed fix has only been implemented in 30,000 of over 500,000 certificates that were compromised.

Web We Want

To make matters even worse the US government has warned Internet Explorer users to discontinue usage of the browser due to a massive security breach, one that Microsoft won't even fix on the Windows XP operating system. Then there's AOL who just a few weeks ago told its millions of users to change their passwords and security questions due to a cyber attack. Scary stuff isn't? We're not talking about just passwords, credit card information and such but also about private personal information like your address, workplace and even your family and information about your children.

As a parent the last thing you want to do is put your children in danger but with all these security breaches and cyber attacks that is exactly what is happening. Whatnot just parents but everybody wants is a safe internet where their privacy can be guaranteed and protected. The Mozilla Manifesto decrees that not only should the internet be free and open to everyone but that privacy is fundamental first and foremost. Mozilla's mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. They built the Firefox browser with the belief that the Web is our largest shared resource. Also Firefox (created by Mozilla) is the only major browser that was not targeted by the NSA scandal and they're on the forefront of protecting user privacy.

Mozilla has recently released a short video featuring children called 'Web We Want: An Open Letter' and asks internet users to visit vote to what type of internet they want. Do you want a web that puts you in control or do you want a web that inspires learning? Or is safety and freedom your number one demand?

Check out the video attached or visit Firefox's YouTube channel by clicking here and let's discuss what you want out of your internet browser. Is safety important to you and your family? How do you protect your family on the internet?

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