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Mozilla releases Firefox 32 with major new changes

Mozilla releases Firefox 32
Mozilla releases Firefox 32
David Frankk

Mozilla today launched the latest version of its browser Firefox 32. The version is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The latest improvements include a new HTTP cache which will give a performance boost, public key pinning support and seamless switching between various languages on Android.

Here is what the release note said:

The new HTTP cache back end has many improvements like request prioritization optimized for first-paint time, ahead of read data preloading to speed up large content load, delayed writes to not block first paint time, pool of most recently used response headers to allow 0ms decisions on reuse or re-validation of a cached payload, 0ms miss-time look-up via an index, smarter eviction policies using Frecency Algorithm, resilience to crashes and zero main thread hangs or jank. Also it eats less memory, but this may be subject to change based on my manual measurements with my favorite microSD card which shows that keeping at least data of html, css and js files critical for rendering in memory may be wise.

On Desktop:
A great feature for desktop users is the addition of public key pinning. This security feature ensures that the people are connected to the sites of their choice. Webmasters no longer have to accept any of the many built-in root certificates, rather can specify which certificate authorities (CAs) issue valid certificates. Other changes can be found on the release notes.

On Android:
The user can now switch between 55 languages, irrespective of the language of the downloaded version. With this release, Mozilla has added six new languages. You can also customize the home screen pages for accessing content directly from the websites like Instagram, Vimeo and Wikipedia. A new Gamepad API has also been finalized. To view the full list of change-log, click here.

The next Firefox 33 is scheduled to release around mid-October this year.

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