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Mozilla Firefox Web browser update brings new UI design with 'fading' tabs

The decade old Mozilla Firefox Web browser just got a major overhaul in the form of an online update. Announced by Mozilla Tuesday (April 29), the update brings Firefox up to version 29 and features a noticeably new user interface (UI).

Mozilla gives its 10 year old Firefox Web browser a major design change

Firefox is set by default to update on its own, but users have the option of updating the Web browser manually. To experience the newly revamped Firefox without the wait, from the Help menu, click “About Firefox” and a window will pop up. Firefox will then automatically begin checking for and installing the latest available update.

Once the Firefox update download installation is complete, you'll be greeted with a new browser window with the statement: "Welcome to Firefox, committed to you, your privacy and an open Web". Users will immediately recognize the browser's new sleek and smooth looking tab design. Mozilla promises that the new Firefox style will help you browse the Web faster and easier.

When opening multiple tabs, the most current one is easily seen, while older tabs fade into the background. This new fading tab feature lets you focus on your Web content and helps to minimize confusion while multi-tasking. Bookmarks are easier to create and manage and requires just a single click.

Mozilla has re-positioned the Firefox menu to the toolbar’s right corner and all of the browser’s controls are in one place. With the click of the menu icon, you can choose to open a new window, private window, print, view history, manage Firefox add-ons and customize its settings.

The browser control menu itself can be customized and lets you add or move any of the features and services to your liking. “This level of Firefox customization puts you in control of your Web experience and is unmatched by any other browser,” Mozilla said in an official blog post.

Following in the footsteps of the Google Chrome browser’s sync feature, the new Firefox Sync service lets you access your browser across multiple computers and Android mobile devices. With your personal Firefox account, you’ll be able to view your browsing history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data from anywhere.

Firefox 29 features WebRTC support for video calls and file sharing between browsers and WebAPIs to unlock additional features and functionality in the Web platform. Mozilla’s own subset of Javascript, asm.js runs games and heavy performance applications. Compared to other browsers, the new Firebox runs asm.js-style code the fastest as a result of specific optimizations.

Other Developer Tools include Web Audio API for developers to build audio engines; CSS Flexbox for developers to build adaptive UI and elastic layouts and App Manager which brings Firefox Web developer tools to mobile app developers. Extension APIs help developers who use the SDK add-on can easily integrate their add-on with the new customizable toolbar of Firefox 29.

Mozilla’s change to Firefox’s UI design and addition of new features support its mission to create more user control and promote innovation on the Web. Since its launch 10 years ago, Firefox has become a trusted Web browser for half a billion people around the globe.

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