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Moxy earbuds are high-end but at a low price

Moxy earbuds by Bodyguardz
Moxy earbuds by Bodyguardz

If I ask my readers, what's the main reason they choose to use over-the-ear headphones over earbuds and they will say, "the fit."

They have a good point.

Finding an ultra-light earbud that is comfortable and gives a good fit is a tough task.

That was until I found Moxy earbuds.

Moxy earbuds and not only feather-light, but are made of an anodized aluminum encasement that is not only durable, but also scientifically designed and crafted for fit and great sound. Moxy buds fit tight in the ear, but you don't feel them when walking, running, or even biking.

You would think that you would have to give up something in the sound department to get an earbud that fits so well, but not in this case. Users will notice the extra bass, but also the quality of the audio reproduction.

The woven cable is a nice touch, as is the included hard case.

But the real star here is the Moxy earbuds themselves. You get everything you would expect in a high-end pair of earbuds except for the cost.

Priced in the $30-35 range and from Bodyguardz, a trusted name in accessories for electronics and gadgets, these Moxy buds won't break the bank, but they will keep the music flowing into your ears for a long time.

Get a closer look at the Moxy earbuds at:

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