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Moxie Teenz celebrate Memorial Day

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Memorial Day weekend is upon us which means bar-b-que and burgers, picnics at the park or lake and time with family and friends as we remember the brave servicemen and women who have died protecting our country.

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In honor of this patriotic holiday, the Moxie Teenz dolls have pulled out their red, white and blue outfits and flags, because although they are ready for a cook out, they have not forgotten what the holiday is all about. Gavin wears dog tags in memory of a relative who served, and the girls have on patriotic skirts and accessories.

Unfortunately, the Moxie Teenz did not come with any patriotic clothes of their own, so part of the fun of owning them is to come up with creative ways to dress them. Besides wearing home-made clothes, the girls have borrowed from Justin Bieber and LittleMissMatch.Gavin's clothes were cut down from a larger doll to fit. Stay tuned for the secret to finding tennis shoes that fit Gavin to perfection!

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