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Movoto releases a map showing the richest person in each state

Map of wealthiest person in each state
Map of wealthiest person in each state

Real estate blog Movoto has released an interactive map showing who the richest person in each state is. The map includes small pop-ups and links to information about each person, though many are well-known millionaires and billionaires anyway.

Not surprisingly, the Walton of Walmart fame shows up a few times, three states count one of the family members as their richest. Other famous names include Warren Buffett and Bill Gates for their home states. Many of the people on the map made their money from founding large companies in the retail, computer or financial services sector, though inheritance also played a large role for many.

49 of the 50 people are white, and of those 40 are males, most of whom are middle-aged or older. The only non-white member of the list is Pierre Omidyar, who is of Iranian descent. It’s a stark reminder of who still runs this country, and it seems unlikely to change.

In fact, of the women on the list only one came into her money by any means other than inheritance. Of course, the map itself doesn’t show any real statistical distributions of demographics of the wealthiest people in the nation, but it is rather striking when you see it laid out that way. For a demographic breakdown of the wealthiest people in the country you can look to the Forbes list of the top 400. Still really white, still really male.

For a more interactive version of the list, along with a brief bio of each, check this slideshow out. It’s kind of interesting to see who has all the money in the nation, and how they got there. For example, Charles Ergin, CEO of DISH Network, got there by being just awful to employees, while people like Anita Zucker of The Hudson’s Bay Company do nothing but good work and philanthropy with their spare time.

Like most groups of people, the list includes villains and heroes, it’s just a shame that there isn’t a bit more diversity among both on the lists.

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