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Moving up to the next level


It is amazing how life repeats itself. We grow and mature. We even evolve. But we end up somewhere a bit more predetermined than we ever expected. You see we keep recreating the same situation to learn a lesson at a different stage of spiritual evolution.

There are three stages in the spiritual life. The first is the child. This is when we are told how to act and with whom to play. Most of the child’s life is spent in relationship to an elder or guardian. To a great extent this authority figure determines the child’s life experience.                              (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

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The second stage is the adult. We become responsible for life as a self-determining authority. Consequently, our choices determine our destiny. During this stage, we learn that will power is both a blessing and a curse, and our ego becomes the driving force in our life.

Our experience is done unto us in more ways than we ever realize, as our rewards are largely presented to us by deterministic fate. Of course we create through our conscious decisions, attitudes, and reactions, but these life movements are truly our lessons in how to live life. Eventually, an evolved soul moves to the final stage.

The final stage is realizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We learn that the universe is governed by forces that are eternal, wise, and corrective of our actions in such that we demonstrate the life purpose that we incarnated to accomplish.

The old saying goes “The third time is the charm.” This means that our first attempts at solving major life problems are generally determined by the priestly father.

Then, our maternal instinct becomes the dominant disciplinarian during the second testing period, as rewards are doled out according to one’s decision making process.

But the final stage of a man or woman’s life begins when we realize that there is no good solution that can satisfy everyone’s needs for a fulfilling life. That is when one learns that surrendering is the best option to create life for everyone.

The irony is that when we stop needing our Good so desperately, it is freely given. When we realize that we can only be a savior for ourselves, then God becomes merciful. That is when we earn grace, and we can exhale. We let go, and things become so much greater than anything we ever imagined.


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