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Moving to an apartment - take one of these pets with you

With an economy which continues to falter, more and more people, particularly those living on fixed incomes, are down-sizing, often moving into apartments. All too often, that also requires giving up the beloved family pet.

Boston terrier
These are perfect apartment pets.

That does not mean, however, those who live in apartments must go without the companionship of a pet. There are numerous breeds of dogs and cats suitable for apartment living, according to the American Kennel Club and, with temperaments suitable for apartment living. These are noted below, in alphabetical order.

Boston Terrier – Characteristically, these dogs have a gentle disposition. They are easy to train, need minimal grooming and require only a moderate amount of exercise.

British Shorthair – According to, this breed is typically mellow, easygoing and has a moderate activity level. They tend to be energetic as kittens, but calm down by their first birthday.

Bulldog – Don’t have time to groom a pet? The gentle, owner-loving, easy-to-keep bulldog may be just the dog for you.

Dachshund – This breed adapts easily to most types of living arrangements. They are loveable and playful and only need moderate exercise.

French Bulldog – This dog is a great indoor companion that is very affectionate and only needs moderate exercise.

Greyhound – Although fast and big, this loving companion enjoys curling up on the couch next to his/her owner. They need lots of exercise, so get yourself a good pair of running shoes.

Persian – Known for being quiet and sweet, this breed is not likely to climb up your curtains, jump on your kitchen curtains/tables or perch on top of your refrigerator.

Pomeranian – Although they need to be frequently brushed, this breed makes a good apartment dweller because they are small, easygoing and only need moderate exercise.

Shih Tzu – This dog was bred solely to be a companion pet. They also need daily brushing but being small and needing only minimal exercise should make up for that.

Yorkshire Terrier – Yorkies are brave and energetic and actually require limited exercise, making them the perfect fit for small spaces.

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