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Moving on yet again...

After almost 4 years of writing as Boston Budget Wine Examiner, I am excited to be moving on to a new city and gaining new insights in Chicago. Boston has been great to me, as was my short stint in NYC, bringing the world of food and food writing to my computer.

Boston is where my love for seafood (really good seafood) grew, and I got to explore so many fabulous spots, working on pairing the best wines with each bite.

Check out some of my Boston highlights here:

Napa to Boston

May is Muscadet Season in Boston

Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Boston Marathon Monday (from my first Marathon)

Had a riot at Wine Riot Boston

NYC is foodie and wino heaven, and where most of the best start off, so I am so happy I got that experience (though minimally, I only touched the nearly 20,000 restaurants in the city).

If you want to keep following me, check out my posts at (and be sure to subscribe):

Chicago Food Examiner - I'm entering the food writing scene full force (not that I wasn't before) in one of the best eating cities in the US, so this just seemed fitting. As a wine writer, food is often an essential additive to make the pairing stick, so this should be a great undertaking. I am excited to taste all that Chicago has to offer, and maybe get a reservation at Alinea if I am lucky.

Chicago Budget Wine Examiner (articles coming soon!) - keeping the wine writing streak going, and bringing local Chicago wine and wine events to you. I love wine, and love sharing my love with you all, so this is going to be a constant of sorts.
You may see the occasional post from me for a Boston or NYC event, but Chicago will be home, so that's where I'll be. Cheers!

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