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Moving On is Taking Reality Literally

In order to move on there are some truths that must be accepted. One must accept the fact that they are not invincible. One must fathom that their ex is not under some mysterious witches brew. Understand that certain characteristics and/or qualities that you possess may not warrant ideal treatment from your partner. Realize that soul ties must be released to have ultimate intimacy in the future.

We are living in a self-obsessed culture. This precocious behavior is fostered even more via social media outlets. When relationships end against ones will than quite naturally there is going to be a rebuttal. A lover scorned will freely express how their former lover's current interest is not better than them. Human ego almost instantaneously paints the most negative illustration. Additionally, an extremely egotistical person is driven to show very aggressive behavior as it pertains to making sure that they remain a constant force.

Sanity is all about a healthy balance. A healthy person accepts that things are over. A healthy person understands that a relationship will not last without honesty, trust, and love being a part of the equation. A cliché yet real statement is that one must learn to accept that things fall apart for things to come together.

This goes into my second point. Accept the fact that your ex is not under a witches brew. No doubt there is an occult world. However, do not automatically assume that your ex is a victim. People always say that relationships end because of finances and communication. Relationships also end when the dynamics in them change. For instance, if your lover fell for the life of the party it can be a major adjustment if you are now a church evangelist. If all parties do not respect evolution, or the lack thereof then a relationship will not work.

Understand that characteristics and/or qualities that you possess may not necessarily warrant ideal treatment from your partner. Realistically, the damsel in distress is always going to have a man. At the end of the day, the vast majority of men love to feel appreciated. There is something about the innocence and naivety of some women that makes man feel compelled to want to do. These women generally have less financially, educationally, and are less exposed than the man in their life. Realistically, you can only be you. Only a confident man will respect an educated woman.

I meet women all the time who are furious. They are angry because their ex-lover made them pay for everything dutch. However, their ex lover's current interest is essentially on housewife terms. I explain to them that it is simple. When their ex met them he walked into a furnished four bedroom home. He was just simply not the type of man comfortable in his manhood as it pertains to courting an educated woman with possessions. Some guys are just not the type of men who believe that women should be homeowners etc. until they meet their husbands. Essentially, the guy entered her lavish home perplexed with a place of not knowing in what sense he would be valued or validated.

Soul ties must be broken in order to move on. We encounter lovers along the way that just really get us. These particular individuals are often people who are initially trusted. They know your doubts, fears, interests etc. Those who individuals have soul ties with are often excellent lovers. Soul ties are generally formed from long term relationships. Even post moving on a soul tie will still be the object of constant reminiscing. Reminiscing always creates a disconnect with reality. Therefore, it is essential to release a soul tie so that you can have ultimate intimacy in forthcoming relationships.

As my article suggests take reality literally. Do not allow your mind to wander back and create hypothetical what if scenarios for toxic people. There is a reason why people are not in your life. Take the time you need to heal so that you can fully embrace the good things coming in your future. Time is the only solution for entering a new relationship with a clean slate.

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