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Moving Mountain Ministry

Move Your Mountains
Move Your Mountains

Moving Mountain Ministry a ministry that utilizes a balance of nutrition and faith to revolutionize health. The founding leader, Sally Ann Heyward, uses The Daniel Plan to help people transform their lives. Here is a brief intro to this amazing story of restoration and recovery:

"I am the wife of a NYC fireman, a mother of two sons, and in 2009 I became a believer in Jesus Christ. My life changed the day my boys were diagnosed with Autism; my new journey of seeking the truth began. I found Christ during these struggling times. My marriage was in the middle of an ugly divorce and my children needed daily medical and educational support. I was searching for answers and the power of prayer brought me through a transformation, restoration and healing. God is so awesome! My marriage is restored, my children are in recovery and I am saved! I walk in Faith every day.

While struggling through the divorce, I was led to go back to school to keep my mind occupied and not focus on the bad, but on the good of what was about to happen in my life. I became an AADP NYS Holistic Health Coach. The Lord gave me a vision to submit to a Ministry to help heal his people. On December 12, 2012 I registered Moving Mountain Ministry. Today we are incorporated, and we are applying for our 501 C 3. We have a devoted Godly team of seven members who volunteer their gifts, talents, and are very excited to share the Good News of healing with many.

Anyone who has a mountain in their life will benefit from the program; the lost, broken, sick. Many of our friends and family members are sick, depressed or struggling to lose weight. They have tried every diet plan and it did not work. This program is a way to teach you to live healthy. "Eat. Pray. Live. The healthy life God intended you to live!" "

On April 2cd, FREE classes will begin at Samantha's Lil Bit of Heaven in East Northport, New York.
The last Class on June 18th will be a MMMinistry Biblical Support Group.

Visit the website, and register.

"We pray MMMinistry may share this journey with you as we are led by the Holy Spirit, to help heal God's people. Our passion is to serve Him, share our gifts, talents and trust the Lord is leading! 'Only God can move your mountain!' Living a healthy lifestyle the way God intended you to live is our ultimate goal! Through worship, praise, prayer time, knowledge and support, we are blessed to fellowship with you." - Sally Ann Heyward

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