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Moving from Toronto to Dallas

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I moved from Toronto to Dallas about 7 months ago - I had to say, this was probabl the best move I had made in my whole life.

I escaped the horrible winter storm in Toronto last winter, though Dallas also has 2 weeks of ice storms which is very unsual.

Dallas is becoming a very popular place for Canadians to consider for relocation - so I am summing up on various pros and cons:

5 things I love about Dallas

1. Cost of Living - U.S. and especially Dallas is very affordable, a beautiful home in a pristine area is $200,000, you can buy homes for less than $120,000.

2. Economy - Everyone is talking about boom time, growth, and you can see thousands of people moving in every year because of strong economy.

3. Schools - Excellent schools, you don't need to live in a millionaire homes to be in a good school.

4. Diversity - I like diversity - Toronto's diversity is very much Chinese-Pakistan-Jamaican. Dallas has more, I like Hispanic culture a lot, so I get to learn another culture here.

5. Business Environment - I am a business entreprenuer, I am in real estate business, this is a great place to run your own business - low tax, large and growing customer and growing wealth.

5 things I miss about Toronto

1. Chinese food in Toronto is much better - the dim sums and choice of Chinese food in Toronto is unmatched.

2. Summer in Toronto is very nice as opposed to the scorching summer in Dallas.

3. Waterfront - The lake front is something special about Toronto, Texas is very dry, and you have head south to the coast to see waterviews

4. Close to other U.S. cities from Toronto - I used to drive to Michigan, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Buffalo. Texas is a huge state, so getting from Dallas to anywhere is at least 4 to 6 hours drive which is crazy.

5. Real Winter - Although I don't really like snow - a bit of winter with snow is nice for a change. In Dallas, though it's not really cold - when it gets below freezing point - the houses are not well insulated to sustain the winter.

Thomas Su

Sales Agent

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