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Moving away from Obamacare

I have made a big decision in my life. I am moving away from Obamacare. Why? It is simple really. Obamacare does not provide what the have been advertising. Does it have cheaper rates? No. Does it cover preexisting conditions? No. Is it affordable? No. What does it do? Nobody knows. The propaganda of socialism is never anything that is an exact science. All it does is put everybody under one umbrella, and that is theirs. They can change anything they want, they can cover anything they want, or they can do nothing they want. Now if that sounds confusing, then you understand Obamacare.

Mr. Obama, ( I refuse to acknowledge a traitor and an illegal head of state president) has no idea what he is doing, has done or is going to do. He does not rule with the Constitution in mind. He feels that he can do what he wants, when he wants, just because he is president. Well, Mr. Obama, sorry about your luck. The constitution rules our land, and if you proceed down this road you are trying to pave, then the constitution says we can change leadership when we see fit. And we see fit.

We, the American people, want you to resign, be impeached, or thrown out of office. We, the American people, charge you with treason; you and the Democratic Party, the Vice President, and the judicial system. This is a serious charge, and it carries with it serious penalties.

I have decided to get out of the employment rat race and start my own business. I won't use Obamacare to insure myself. I will use the insurance I have been carrying for the last 30 years. It is doing just fine for me. I have decided I want to live under a constitutional law, not a dictatorship. I have decided I will live as a patriot, not as serf under a feudal government. We had enough of you Mr. Obama, it is past time for you to go.

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