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Movin Shoes steps up the foot routine

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San DIegans who shop at Movin Shoes in La Mesa, Encinitas, or Pacific Beach do not get left inthe dust during a walk or run, caught sagging in an unworkable shoe. Staff expert opinion makes finding the joy in the "correct shoe" possible. No local on the move outdoes a store bought shoe.

Walkers and runners get movin. "San DIego's original running + walking connection" calls in the locals to find out how to live a healthy and active lifestyle that stays easy, no lost opportunities.

Every MOnday, runners at all levels of fitness and ability sigend up for the Get MOvin program, participate in Monday Group RUns 2 to 5 miles long on easy flat paths. Movin Shoes makes the fitness work a hit, not just the Altra, Brooks, Nike, and Smartwool road shoes. The two Olympians who own the store, Bob Kennedy and Meb Keflezighi, take proven performance seriously.

August's mountain run makes a San DIegan work.

Making the distance around the block the first time does not have to go speedy. Just open up the future trainin gpossibilities. Health and fitness experts help everyone, veen marathon runners, learn the best way to get fit at Movin Shoes seminars.

The store sent its trainees to the finish line in JUne's San Diego ROck n' Roll Marathon. Movin Shoes' health hungry woke up at 8 am to train for the main event. Work started in February. "Our staff is committed to supporting every participant in his or her journey to the finish line, whatever your goal may be."

Forget about taking any shoe off the rack. Shoppers try on as many running shoes as they need to find the right shoe. And, take them out of the store for a jog. La Mesa shoppers take on the distance out of 6105 Lake Murray Blvd just to make the right decision.

Just so locals do not miss on the experience running relaxed and stable. Healthy vitality comes easier in Nike's Air Pegasus, Free, or the latest ultralight shoe with soft responsive cushioning, FlyKnit Lunar2.

Runners hit the ground with extra stability in a Brooks shoe.

Bob and Mel have one goal. "Help everyone achive their health and fitness goals running and walking."

Staff at Movin Shoes stores can even save a runner from the ill floating drift experience. Nutrition on the move keeps the work on health a joy. Nuun hydration tabs sold at the store replensih energy electrolytes lost during a sweaty run, before cramps start. The strawberry GU Chomps give runners a calorie pack, loaded with complex carbohydrates maltodextrin and fructose, and amino acids and vitamins C and E, when they "gotta have something to chomp on." 15 inutes before the start. And, every 45 minutes.

Strong runs on foot keep the work on health going forward.

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