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Movies that creep

poltergeist story with a twist
poltergeist story with a twist
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It seems lately I've been exposed to a number of movies that just creep right under the skin. And there are more coming, if trailers and synopses are any indication. For those of you who like the slow, atmospheric "arthouse" creeper (in this case, most are horror or sci-fi), here's a guide to must-sees.

The Alamo Drafthouse will be releasing The Quiet Ones, which looks to be a slow horror about poltergeists and mortal meddling. If the trailers are any indication (and sometimes they are), this look to be a ghostly movie that horror buffs should check out.

Another slow-burn horror/sci-fi flick that slithers right down your backbone is Under The Skin. An art house sci-fi that is almost all metaphysical atmosphere and bizarre minimalist music, this Scarlett Johansson-starrer will leave you thinking.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in another indie thriller that is not so much thrilling as it is completely strange, disturbing and almost absurdist. You might not be able to make too much sense of this creeping thriller about a man who discovers he has a double, but there are certain shots that will leave you sitting awake through the night trying to puzzle them out. Enemy is a film to watch if you like slow, slow builds and nightmarish/dream-like atmospheres but don't necessarily need any sense or traditional narrative thrown in.

Most of these titles have made their way through the film festival circuit and are now appearing in limited releases at general theaters or Alamo Drafthouses, so catch them where you can!