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Movies in McHenry don't break the bank


In difficult financial times, the first thing a family or individual cuts back on is entertainment, and one of the first forms of entertainment to cut back on is seeing a movie in the theater. A night in the theater for a family of five can run well over $50 when snacks are included.

The drive-in theater in McHenry
Heather Imboden

Residents of the McHenry area have an advantage over those in many other suburban areas. McHenry has not one, but two affordable move theaters. The downtown, indoor theater is a relic, but it's conveniently located in the center of town right on the river. Adult tickets are $6 and children are $4. There is no difference between matinee and evening prices, putting the fun back in a Friday family night. This adult ticket cost is still less than the matinee price at many big chain theaters. But plan ahead: there are only two screens and only a handful of show times a day. The snacks at both theaters are reasonable as well: if the cheap ticket prices don't get you in there, the free refills of popcorn will!

The outdoor drive-in theater on Chapel Hill Road in McHenry is an experience all in its own. Open from May to September, you can have the best of both worlds, enjoying a movie while relishing the weather for under $15 per car. The best thing about this theater is that this cost pays for a double feature of films. With two or three people in the car, this is a steal!

So, before you completely rule out the movie theater because historically it breaks the bank, head out to McHenry and take your pick of the affordable entertainment.


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