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Movies about relationships and some advice

Here is some advice to men on Valentine’s Day: watch movies that are romantic comedies with happy endings. Make your life a romantic comedy without an ending. Love your love forever. That isn’t easy, you have to work at it all of the time. Make some popcorn.

Warning: It hurts so bad.

Searching for movies about relationships and there is this list of 15 movies for which the order is reversed beginning with the last on the list and proceeding to the first on the list based upon The Playlist staff and their review. They are experts in movies featuring relationships.

““Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" (1966)
"The War Of The Roses," (1989)
"The Squid and the Whale" (2005)
“Scenes from a Marriage” (1973)
"Modern Romance" (1980)
"Martha" (1974)
“Kramer Vs. Kramer” (1979)
“Husbands and Wives” (1992)
“Goodbye Again” (1961)
"Crazy Love" (2007)
"Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" (1958)
“Carnal Knowledge” (1971)
"Blue Valentine" (2010)
“An Unmarried Woman” (1978)
"5x2" (2003)”

The Playlist

Honest to God, on this list are movies that might make men cry. They are disturbing and deserve a “Warning for Men” label. I call them “Three women on my life” movies that refers to the circumstance in my household when three women decide what to watch versus one man. They win, and I am forced to watch.

Often, movies in this category feature three women as lead characters, and that assures omission of content for male audiences.

I admit to having seen some of these movies repeatedly on my own volition. But let me say that watching Albert Brooks in any movie just makes me sick, especially when he is sporting an Afro (Modern Romance).

Woody Allen can do no wrong, so he is permitted to having made one mistake, “Husbands and Wives.”

OK, there is one relatively recent movie here that critics say didn’t get a good view the first time around.

“Blue Valentine (2010)

Plot Summary

Dean Pereira and Cindy Heller Pereira are a young, working class married couple - Dean currently working as a painter, and Cindy working as a nurse in a medical clinic - with a young daughter named Frankie. Despite their relatively tender ages, they are both ravaged by the life they've eked out together and by the experiences they've had leading into their marriage. Dean, a high school drop out, comes from a broken home, where he never really had a mother figure. He never saw himself getting married or having a family despite falling in love at first sight with Cindy. He doesn't have any professional ambition beyond his current work - which he enjoys since he feels he can knock off a beer at 8 o'clock in the morning without it affecting his work - although Cindy believes he has so much more potential in life. Cindy also comes from a dysfunctional family, with her own mother and father not setting an example of a harmonious married or family life. One of her previous serious relationships was with Bobby Ontario, that relationship which has a profound affect on many aspects of her marriage to Dean. Dean and Cindy head off on an overnight getaway together without Frankie, the getaway which may provide a clearer picture if their marriage can survive its many issues.
- Written by Huggo”

Give it a shot, guys.

"Let's discuss."

"Not to night, I am tired."

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